Jun ki Hong
Currently based in Valencia, CA.

Visiting Designer Promotion - Grilli Type
Grilli Type is an independent Swiss type foundry. They offer original retail and custom typefaces. High quality products with a contemporary aesthetic in the Swiss tradition.

Poster, 15 × 20 inch, Screen Printing
Collaboration with Guanyan Wu

Type Pattern

One of examples as a graphic study

These are four flyers for the FIRE SALE promotion at FISK. These identities have either of a horizontal or vertical moving direction in Web-based applications.

Flyer, 11 × 17 inch, Riso Printing
Creative Director: Bijan Berahimi, Copy: Abby Morgan, Design: Jun ki Hong

FIRE SALE - Website
This website is for the FIRE SALE promotion at FISK.

Web, Digital
Creative Director: Bijan Berahimi, Copy: Abby Morgan, Design: Jun ki Hong

FREE LUNCH, Holiday Edition

FISK Internship is called by FREE LUNCH. This is a flyer for the advertisement of FREE LUNCH 2017, Holiday Edition.

Flyer, 11 × 17 inch, Riso Printing
Creative Director: Bijan Berahimi
Design: Jun ki Hong

LUNCH is a leisurely publication from FISK that celebrates the vibrant culinary world.

Booklet, 8.5 × 11 inch, Riso Printing
Creative Director: Bijan Berahimi
Art Director/Copy: Abby Morgan
Design: Jun ki Hong


Lettering Series


Booklet, 8.5 × 11 inch, Editorial

Fragments of a Day
I defined my daily practice as chaos. It's because I make very different kinds of graphic elements everyday. These can be combined in constantly unexpected ways. It can be explained by my own methodology to make something. This poster, as an example, is mixed with a piece of daily practice for my future lecture, setting me as a visiting designer in the future.

Poster, 24 × 36 inch, Digital Printing

Visiting Artist Lecture: Kenneth Tam
This is a visiting artist poster for Kenneth Tam. He works on video, sculpture, and photography using the male body and intentionally creates a situation to make physical intimacy, vulnerability, and private ritual between random strangers. So, we wanted to create fun, complex, and diverse intimacy by attaching types with male body shapes to make them look like organic muscles.

Poster, 18 × 27 inch, Digital Printing
Collaboraiton with Sohee Kim

Visiting Designer Lecture: Andrew Blauvelt
This is a poster for the Andrew Blauvelt's Lecture on Hippie Modernism. He describes hippie modernism in contrast to modernism. Following his tone of describing it, I used two ways of making a image. One is to strictly follow the grid using information and the other is to put a sky image which can be a utopia, then I added two crossing lines to show resistance toward the main stream.

Poster, 15 × 23 inch, Digital Printing

Biomorphic Iteration: Exclamation
The emotive and stylistic qualities of exclamative story were expressed using abstract forms and gestures. This composition was generated with not only computer generated but also hand generated forms.

Flyer, 11 × 17 inch, Digital Printing

Structure 2017

Visiting Artist Lecture: Cauleen Smith & Beatriz Santiago Muñoz
This is for the school of art Paul Brach(D*STAR) visiting artist lecture series: Cauleen Smith and Beatriz Santiago Muñoz. Their works are related to making movies. I used 16:9 ratio to represent them and also manipulated waved papers to represent film negatives.

Poster, 25 × 14 inch, Screen Printing

Visiting Artist Lecture: Deborah Willis & Bridget Cooks (Panel Series)
This lecture is for the conversations between a group of artists, Deborah Willis and Bridget R. Cooks, which is what the School of Art calls panel series. Bold typeface are used as a main graphic and the small descriptive letters, which came from artist's statement or description, are added later. Lastly, blue negative spaces are inverted to white to show two different artists.

Poster, 28 × 20 inch, Screen Printing
Collaboration with Yunji Jun


Book, 7.5 × 10.5 inch, Digital Printing


Book, 6.5 × 9 inch, Digital Printing

Future Food

MEDEA: Secret Invitation

Objects to a Pattern
3 objects(scotch tape, masking tape, and duct tape) were chosen as raw materials to make patterns. Each pattern has its own structure. After making patterns, I applied four patterns to a virtual mobile application where people can buy tapes.

Graphic, Mobile Application

MERS IN KOREA: The Reason Why MERS Was Spread So Fast Only in South Korea
This book contains statistic and analytic data related with MERS(Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) from Wikipedia. Specifically, I tried to figure out why MERS was spread so fast only in South Korea. Being used in the format of comic book with emojis, the book reveals the real meaning of Korean government's inability to treat the first case when it happened.

Comic Book, 148 × 210 mm, Editorial

Untitled Typeface

Reflected Numbers
Three numbers were selected to be reflected on a mirror. With these numbers as the basic geometric units, a series of reflected images were made to complete different numbers.

Space, 325 × 880 × 35 mm, Installation

Geometric Numbers
Each Geometric unit combined in different ways to make numbers. Colors were applied after making the numbers.

Lettering, Riso Printing

The Illinois Parables for REDCAT
This poster is for The Illinois Parables by Deborah Stratman. The overall concept for this movie is to show ups and downs in Illinois history using line graphic elements. Specifically, I chose to use silver ink to highlight the lines in the poster.

Poster, 20 × 28 inch, Screen Printing

Glide of Transparency for REDCAT
This is a poster for Glide of Transparency by Betzy Bromberg. Multiple textures were composed on paper. They make a visual rhythm and a vast range of feeling through the textures.

Poster, 20 × 28 inch, Screen Printing
Collaboration with Peri Levin

Pinochet Porn for REDCAT
This is a poster for Pinochet Porn. Within this story, the title refers to the complex intimate relationships of the characters; but more so, to the regime’s systematic, sadistic destruction of individual lives.

Poster, 20 × 28 inch, Screen Printing

Visiting Designer Lecture: USE ALL FIVE
USE ALL FIVE is a design and technology studio based in LA. We used their design mechanism as a grahpic source to compose 5 in the center. Repeated information in the same scale at the corner creates a digitalized mood.

Poster, 17.5 × 17.5 inch, Screen Printing
Collaboration with Cris Hernande

Visiting Artist Lecture: Jessica Ayromloo
This is imagination of a virtual room that is composed of Ayromloo's name which looks like furniture in the room in a 3D shaped typeface. Graphic elements and shapes which are found in her work are also used to make a characteristic mood.

Poster, 18 × 27 inch, Digital Printing
Collaboration with Sharleen Chen

Poster, 594 × 841 mm, Screen Printing
Collaboration with Onyou Kim

Poster, 20 × 31 inch, Screen Printing
Collaboration with Onyou Kim

KUCD Graduation Exhibition 2014 Web Archive
The archive website is for the KUCD Gradation Show. People can see students' works organized in 4 sections. This site also features dynamic arrow images to emphasize directional diversity.

Archive Website, Web Application

Infinite Expanding Possibility of the Circle — Posters

Poster, 594 × 841 mm, Digital Printing

Infinite Expanding Possibility of the Circle — Exhibition
The goal of the project is to discover unique circular expressions through the aesthetic, conceptual and theoretic exploration of the circle as a form and an appearance. The project also aims to demonstrate and propagate the unlimited expandability of the circle as proved by rigorous visual experiments. The result of the project is to be shared with the public.

Exhibition, 7.3 × 5.1 × 2.1 m, Installation

Mixed Visual Foldable Booklet
With the added fold-type elements, the originally single-sheet poster doubles as a foldable booklet. The layout emphasizes the diverse formal beauty of the circle.

Booklet, 205 × 292 mm, Digital Printing

Infinite Expanding Possibility of the Circle — Main Poster
These two posters were for two weeks visual experiments(Infinite Expanding Possibility of the Circle) from April 25th to May 7th in 2014. I think the basic form is a circle. While the circle was deformed, I wanted to explore the possibility of new circular shapes. The posters explain the definition of circle as revealed during my research.

Poster, 594 × 841 mm, Digital Printing

Circular Lens
Overlapping or rotating circular lenses reveals new images. By inviting the viewers to move the lens around first-handedly as a medium, the piece allows for a proactive sharing of the circular image.

Lens, 52 × 46 × 3 mm, Tangible Media

Visible Abstraction Workbook
The workbook records the production process of Visible Abstraction and includes numerical data from the analysis.

Book, 182 × 182 × 5 mm, 64p, Offeset Printing

Visible Abstraction: “The initial movement of love inevitably stems from ignorance”
Using Big Data, one can give a visible form to even an abstract idea. Using the Big Data of Google search, a collection of images pertaining to a keyword in the sentence was amassed and then presented overlapped in a square frame.

Space, 2 × 1.7 × 5 m, Installation

Custom Typeface for INSIGHT based on Walbaum

Collabaoration with Cha-yoon Ah, Eon-hyeong, Seong, Som-i, Woo


Korean Lettering


You and I, We



Visual Experience to People Without Disabilities: Captcha
Jargons in professional fields such as science, law, medicine or finance are difficult to know their exact meanings even though one can easily recognize their sounds from the letters spelled out. Captcha presents such jargons in a common captcha format online. The illegibility as presented in the piece may be comparable to that experienced by a dyslexic person.

UX, 2.6 × 2,6 × 3 m, Installation

The project aims to create visually interesting images through random combinations caused by the placement of the nails that fix the flat images to the wall.

2000 × 1000 × 70 mm

Expression, in typography and design—which can be acheived through a simple gesture like pulling curtains—can communicate subtle concepts and meaning that words could never convey.

Collaboration with Jacob Shapall, Sohee Kim, Tracy Chen

Letters are cut from transparent acrylic plate and are marked black only on the edges of their serifs. The discomfort in viewing the piece may be comparable to that experienced by a dyslexic person.

1620 × 2500 × 5 mm, Installation

I extremely shorten the space between the letters to intend not to understand the meaning in a short time. Views will be difficult to read the 7 words and people may not make a full sentence by using what they found.

400 × 260 × 40 mm, Installation