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CalArts Graphic Design Program Show 2018—Exhibition

Exhibition, Gallery Graphics

CalArts Graphic Design Program Show 2018
May 5–10, 11am–7pm Daily

MFA Project Manager: Kathy Bates
BFA Project Manager: Kristin Schultz
Branding & Gallery Graphics: Junki Hong
3D Elements: Dameon Waggoner, Gia Ahn
Promotion: Jisoo Han, Marina
Digital Media: Yiyi Shao, Huicheng
*Show Manager & Advisor: Louise Sandhaus

CalArts MFA 2 Graduate Practice Show


Photography by Colin Frazer

Graduate Practice is a new graduating year curriculum in which students imagine and prototype future design practices. This pop-up will exhibit a curated selection of work from this year's developing practices.

CalArts MFA 2
Graduate Practice Show

Opening reception 2/23 6:30pm—9pm

860 S Los Angeles st,
#900 Los Angeles CA 90014

Lisa Armstrong, Kathy Bates, Lewis Choi, Junki Hong, Simo Liu, Yinchen Niu, Yiyi Shao, Jacob Shpall, Dameon Waggoner, Guanyan Wu

KUCD Graduation Exhibition 2014 Promotional Website

The promotional website design for the 2014 KUCD Gradation Show features animated arrow images to emphasize the directional and dynamic theme. The rainbow hovering effect celebrates diversity.

These days, the arrow is not just a symbol used to show direction, a particular space, or an object. From weapons humans used, through imaginary pictogram to icon signs that demonstrated the direction of progress, now a visual language used to express abstract ideas like speed, prosperity, looking forward to something further, and so on, is exposed in different places. It has been going around in this world actively. Inside diverse visual environment through the development of media, the arrows inside the 'compass', which expresses the overflowing stream of information and also lead directions, will soon resemble us who will set foot in the society and take action as design communicators.

This year you can have a peek at what direction all 70 different arrows are heading to at Konkuk University Communication Design 2014 Exhibition. There are 4 different points in graphic design. Through those 4 points, we want to tell and share with everyone in which form and in which direction the arrows are moving forward. The living arrows will wander around, find wide roads, and sometimes encounter a wall and go back. Even who knows, if the arrows will greet someone in another form. Sometimes, with a cheerful or serious attitude, we will think over those directions; and just like an arrow moving forward, we and our compasses will catch right away the route and will be running breathlessly.

We are still moving and alive.

Konkuk University
Communication Design Major
Graduation Show 2014

November 20 → November 25, 2014
Konkuk University Art & Design College B1F → 1F
10:00 am → 6:00 pm

Exhibition Committee
Chair: Yoon Mingoo
Vice Chair: Eom Jeongheon
Management: Lee Nuri
Exhibition Design: Kim Jooyoun, Park Hyohwan
Graphic Design: Kwon Kiyoung, Seong Eonhyeong
Motion Graphics: Lee Kitak
Website Design: Hong Junki
Public Relations: Kim Haerhin
Clerk: Jung Eunmin

Infinite Expanding Possiibility of the Circle—Exhibition


7.3 × 5.1 × 2.1 m

The circle—a geometric shape whose entire exterior is at equal distance from its center—is an instinctively familiar shape to all of humanity, and is profoundly related to human anatomy. The goal of this project is to discover unique circular expressions through the aesthetic, conceptual and theoretic exploration of the circle as a form and an appearance. The project also aims to demonstrate and propagate the unlimited expandability of the circle as proved by rigorous visual experiments. The result of the project is to be shared with the public through direct multi-sensorial engagement such as viewing, touching, holding or spinning.

Circular Graphic


420 × 594 mm, Offset Printing

The posters contain various visual traits which show circular graphic and meanings.

latest update: Oct 24, 2018