Interface Visual Languages 05—INSTACOLOR

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One color varies depending on filters. Depending on Instagram filters, several colors appear in one similar tone. In the distant future, Instagram could be a company that leads color trend and sets up a standard color system. This speculative website provides people with the colors that have been adjusted by Instagram filters.

Interface Visual Languages 04—
Transparent Colors
Video, 1920 × 1080 px
Sound Design by Gahyae Ryu
Software has a pattern and colors to represent transparent properties. This means we define transparency differently depending on what software we use or what kind of job we have. In this video, I used transparency as a visual metaphor searching for what it is a metaphor of.

Designed by Powerpoint: Fast Graphic
Video, 1280 × 720 px
Sound design by Gahyae Ryu
This is an excercise of using default visual language of a software. This video shows powerpoint’s template variations.


Future Food 2200


What kind of food will we eat in 2200? Now humans feel great happiness by eating, however, will future food still play the same role? This is a project started with this question. In my scenario, there will be no boundaries between foods and objects. We might need to consume garbage by eating ourselves.

latest update: Oct 24, 2018