Identity Design for INSIGHT

  • Identity, Branding

    Creative Director: Changho Han
    Head Designer: Jinwoo Jeong
    Designer: Junki Hong, Eon-hyeong, Seong, Som-i, Woo, Cha-yoon Ah

The creative consultancy FRUM INSIGHT leads the business trend with innovative and creative solutions.

Insight, we never fail to innovate the old paradigm.
FRUM INSIGHT creates the ideas that have not existed in the world and suggests a new business model. Its challenge and innovation beyond the limit and restriction are possible due to its thorough understanding and insight on the world. With FRUM INSIGHT, you can cut through the reality that calls for growth and sustainability as well as profit and success, raising the creative value of your business.

In sight, we pursue a communication based on rationality merged with sensibility.
No innovation is connected to the real world without concrete substance. FRUM INSIGHT realizes your creative ideas in business with a new sensibility, rich experience, and outstanding creativity. Through our most effective solutions enabled by our global creative directors, you will get closer to the goal in your business.

In site, we open the window of here and now to creative culture.
FRUM INSIGHT’s creative is perfectly fit for various spaces in which there are the needs for communication, offering diverse services and experiences to the users. Keep your eyes on what INSIGHT suggests–the changes, the innovations of the time. It goes beyond the users’ satisfaction and market expansion to provide them the experience of a leading culture of the creative business.

Incite, we suggest a creative platform to drive the creative economy.
FRUM INSIGHT invokes the action from users through new sensibility and insight to change the lifestyle of our time. It is the mission of FRUM INSIGHT to prepare the concrete, creative experiences for users and produce positive changes. Innovate the world with the perfect creative consulting suggested by the leaders of the creative economy.
latest update: Jun 18, 2018