In the middle of the world


7 x 10 in, 130 p, Paperback, Digital Printing

This publication was made as a result of ‘Publication Design’ class at California Institute of the Arts.

Graduate and undergraduate students from the elective course ‘Graphic Design and Politics,’ taught by Anther Kiley, recently staged an exhibition of work in CalArts gallery A402.

The course, intended as a forum for critical engagement with the tumultuous world events of the last few months, took form as an all-art-school ‘Design and Politics Reading Group’ coupled to a studio class.

Through a series of provocative readings and viewings, the class traced a mean- dering political through-line between various economic, technological, and social phenomena associated with late capitalism: the economics of neoliberalism, the technology of the cloud/stack, cultural states of ‘hyper- normalisation,’ etc.

The seven pieces in the exhibition responded to this line of inquiry, often by envisioning dystopian sce- narios of the near future. The work spanned several modes and media of design, from a browser plug-in, to an AI interface, to a video art installation, to a series of digital portraits.

latest update: Oct 24, 2018