This is imagination of a virtual room that is composed of Ayromloo's name which looks like furniture in the room in a 3D shaped typeface. Graphic elements and shapes which are found in her work are also used to make a characteristic mood.
Poster for Visiting Artist Lecture: Jessica Ayromloo

  • Poster
  • 21 × 30 in
  • Digital Printing

    Collaboration with Sharleen Chen

Jessica Ayromloo is an interior designer. Her concepts begin with an understanding of a projects’ relationship to its architecture and the cultural and environmental landscape. Jessica’s design aesthetic coupled with an understanding of current influences gives her the ability to create truly memorable one-of a-kind spaces. Well appointed furniture, art & objects as well as custom pieces and textiles designed by her studio, contribute to each project’s uniqueness and exclusivity.
latest update: Jun 18, 2018