— Branding, Identity Design

Phillips Auction House excels in the competitive market through modernity and innovation. A new identity system was crafted with the custom typeface “Phillips Distinct.” This minimalist, modern design highlights expertise in art, jewels, watches, design, photographs, and editions, reinforcing Phillips as a leader in unique auction experiences.

Made at Base Design
Min Lew, Jeffrey Waldman, Jun Hong, Ji Park, Mikey Kelly, Artem Lyustik, Shirlin Kao, Yeon Ryoo, Craig Parsons, Sarah Labuda, Harry Laverty, Matthieu Cortat-Roller, Tanguy Vanlaeys

— Branding, Identity Design

The New York Botanical Garden has been a local treasure since 1891—yet it’s also a globally significant institution. Our work positions them to be known for the organization of action they are, a place of beauty and contemplation as well as a global leader on environmental action and plant science.

Made at Wolff Olins
Design—Thomas Wilder, Global Principal / Jane Boynton, Senior Creative Director / Melissa Chavez, Associate Creative Director / Jun Hong, Senior Designer / Meg Forsyth, Associate Creative Director
Type Design—Ryan Bugden
Motion—Draeger Gillespie, Associate Motion Director / Etienne Godiard, Senior Motion Designer / Jason Chen, Senior Motion Designer / Yiting Nan, Junior Motion Designer

TrenChill K-R&B
— Branding, Identity Design

The visual identity design celebrates the diverse artists featured on the playlist, utilizing six gentle color combinations to evoke a relaxed mood. It showcases custom ligatures within a simple layout system and incorporates tactility for added distinction and flair.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
— Branding, Identity Design

The ‘Rock & Roll’ spirit is essential to the updated brand: original, bold, daring, dynamic, authentic, and powerful. The Hall of Fame artists carry this spirit through their sound, imagery, and stories, now delivered through Rock Hall’s visual identity and content. This is particularly embodied in the new logo, which features a custom-designed and programmed typeface that reacts to audio cues—its letterforms reverberating in response to sound levels and beats.

Made at Base Design
Team: Min Lew, Tom Fethers, Jun Hong, Ross Gendels, Yeon Ryoo
Account Lead: Harry Laverty
Brand Strategy & Copywriting: Sarah Labuda, Katerina Mery
Motion: Yaniv Fridman, Mikey Kelly
Type Design: Matthieu Cortat-Roller

— Branding, Identity Design

Offtop is an advanced platform specifically designed for musicians, offering them an ideal space to showcase and share their demos, beats, and samples. The brand went through a significant evolution with the development of a new symbol, visualizing the impactful concept of ‘sharing sound.’ A unified visual identity system was carefully constructed to reflect the brand’s renewed positioning.

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