Nike Camp: Future of the Game
— Creative

Inspired by the adapt technology we created a modernist design system camp, an event for rising NBA stars in Beaverton, OR.

THE NEW COMPANY — Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst, Lead Designer: Junki Hong, Junior Designer: Andreas Pranoto, Motion: Blake Piyathanapong
Nike — Creative Director: Michael Spoljaric, Design Director: Christian Widlic, Photography: Micah Fischer and Steven Counts

Early Explorations

The Kyrie Five

— Creative

For Kyrie’s 5th signature shoe we created a design system evocative of the ‘black magic’ colorway. We developed a distorted photographic and typographic style, inspired by a glitchy television screen, that’s evocative of Kyrie’s notorious speed on the court.

THE NEW COMPANY — Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst, Design Director: Will Geddes, Junior Designer: Andreas Pranoto, Junki Hong, Motion: Blake Piyathanapong
Nike — Design Director: Darien Birks, Project Manager: Dina Worley

Early Explorations

Nike Shield: Chase Away the Weather
— Creative, Art Direction

The objective of this project was to make runners believe that shield empowers them to run in any condition. Weather graphics were used as a metaphor of harsh weather condition.

Made at FISK

Nike—Generative Pattern
— Pattern

Made at FISK

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