New Year Good Start
— Graphic, Experiment

jun.playlist—K-Pop Music Poster Series 2
— Poster ︎

Han, geul
— Poster, Lettering

This self-initiated project includes typographic excerices using characteristic elements extracted from the flag of South Korea known as the Taegukgi. A new flag, banner poster, and lettering were made to celebrate Hangeul Day in South Korea as an outcome.

Interface Visual Languages 01—Message Bubbles
A Love Story
— Thesis Project
— Video, 750 × 1334 px

We can comprehend content without a word by only the form. Among many forms, message bubbles can uniquely read more through its length, color, and layout. This video shows how we love today.


Interface Visual Languages 02—Transparent Colors
— Thesis Project
— Video, 1920 × 1080 px

Software has a pattern and colors to represent transparent properties. This means we define transparency differently depending on what software we use or what kind of job we have. In this video, I used transparency as a visual metaphor searching for what it is a metaphor of.


Sound Design: Gahyae Ryu

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