Preakness 144
— Identity

Preakness is one of the most pivotal moments in all of sports. The second jewel of the coveted Triple Crown, it’s the race that determines whether or not a horse still has a shot at becoming one of the unforgettable greats to have won all three. With all eyes on the 144th running of Preakness, it was time to bring this epic event into the modern era and beyond.

Made at Character NY

Go: Crazy-fast Car Insurance
— Identity, Branding

Go is a mobile app-based car insurance company. Through scanning a license, people can generate a quote in 15 seconds. No paperwork required.

(Concept only) Paper is flat. Dial tones are flat. Old ideas are flat, flat, flat. You are not. You have infinite dimensions. You’ll go in countless directions. You are an explorer, an adventurer, a dreamer. You want to see the world or create your own. And we’re going to help you. Let’s Go.

Made at Character NY

— Branding

&Walsh’s new branding uses an ampersand for both the visual identity and tonal expression. This typographic system includes their clients, projects, collaborators, experiments & endeavors: hence the (Blank) & Walsh.

Creative/Art Direction & Design: Jessica Walsh, Brand Strategy & Copywriting: Lauren Walsh, Jessica Walsh, Production: Gosbinda Vizarretea, Jessica Walsh, Allison Raich, Stephanie Halovanic, Lead Design: Gabriela Namie, Sanchit Sawaria, Rachel Denti, Soomin Jung, Pedro Veneziano, Matt Roop, Kat Singh, Kitron Neuschatz, Design: Jiří Mocek, Junki Hong, Typography: Alex Slobzheninov, Dan Forster, Sanchit Sawaria, Gabriela Namie, Pedro Veneziano, Daniel Sabino, 3D & Animation: Sanchit Sawaria, Pedro Veneziano, Danae Gosset, Soomin Jung, Luigi Honorat, Molly Smisko, Zuheng Yin, Ines Alpha, Iuliia Mazykina, Luke Guyer & Edu Torres, Nacho Velasco, Flavio Carvalho, Photography: Sarah Hopp, Set & Wardrobe Design: Arielle Casale, Production Support: Chelsea Alexander, Ragini Nath, Joe Owens, Website Development: Gisle Nes

— Identity

The new identity design for COMMON ROOM* abstractly conveys the meaning of a space where perfection and imperfection coexist. The rounded form of the letter O in full or partially omitted symbolizes the people with different personalities working at COMMON ROOM. It also represents the place where people gather and enjoy creative activities.

*COMMON ROOM is a creative studio located in Seoul, KR, specializing in spatial design.

Works in Progress
CalArts Graphic Design Program Show 2018

— Identity

Tape was used for the exhibition identity to emphasize the concept. Colored typeface shows the exhibition theme in a way that reveals the building process of characters. In the poster, tapes were attached on the paper as a backdrop.


Sound Design for Promotional Video: Gahyae Ryu

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