— Branding, Identity Design

Offtop is a professional tool for musicians to host and share their demos, beats, and samples. The new symbol was designed to convey a ‘sharing sound’ concept and a visual identity system was developed to reflect new brand positioning.

New York Times: Food Festival 2022
— Identity Design

After a two-year hiatus, New York Times brought back its wildly popular celebration of food and drink for Fall 2022. Updating and expanding our flavorful identity for the 2019 event involved carrying over identifiable elements, and adding a mouthwatering animated system that helped to build-up a big appetite for buying tickets.

Made at Base
Team: Min Lew, Tom Fethers, Jun Hong
Project Managing: Harry Laverty
Motion Design: Nol Honig
Photography: Anisha Sisoda

— Branding, Identity Design

BOLD FORMULA aims for skincare completed with a minimal process for men attracted to simplicity. A simple and bold typography system was implemented within the brand identity design starting with the brand manifesto. The goal was to make clear and impactful communication throughout the applications.

— Branding, Identity Design

Range Media Partners is empowering exceptional talent into unlocking their full global value in all business areas. The identity system was designed to build a unique visual language to distinguish themselves in the industry. The welcoming typography palette and vibrant contrast between a rich green and a pleasant beige deliver warm energy. A custom-drawn logotype shows Range as a place that unlocks the full global value of exceptional talent.

Made at Base

MasterClass with Anna Wintour

— Identity Design

MasterClass, the platform that makes it possible for anyone to learn from the best through online classes, created their first-ever campaign to promote a class, featuring one of the most iconic bosses of all time: Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue and Artistic Director and Global Content Advisor of Condé Nast.

Creative development of the campaign was executed by &Walsh and Observatory

Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh, Strategy: Lauren Walsh, Production: Allison Raich, Gosbinda Vizarretea, Design Lead: Mikey Kelly, Junki Hong, Animation: Soomin Jung, Agency: Observatory, Photography: Tyler Mitchell

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