jun.playlist—K-Pop Music Poster Series 1
— Poster

K-Pop is a new music genre that combines conceptual and various visual elements together. As K-Pop industry becomes globalized, cultural elements from western culture are diversely mixed in a song, choreography, music videos, and costumes so that K-Pop songs are always an input that inspires me as a designer. This project includes typographic posters as an outcome and I want to share lots of great songs through this project.

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My Favorite Pepperoni Pizza
— Poster

These eight posters were designed for Kern font license contest held by Pizza Typefaces*. 

*Pizza Typefaces is an independent type design foundry based in Paris.

Nike Camp: Future of the Game
— Creative

Inspired by the adapt technology we created a modernist design system camp, an event for rising NBA stars in Beaverton, OR.

THE NEW COMPANY — Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst, Lead Designer: Junki Hong, Junior Designer: Andreas Pranoto, Motion: Blake Piyathanapong
Nike — Creative Director: Michael Spoljaric, Design Director: Christian Widlic, Photography: Micah Fischer and Steven Counts

Early Explorations

The Kyrie Five

— Creative

For Kyrie’s 5th signature shoe we created a design system evocative of the ‘black magic’ colorway. We developed a distorted photographic and typographic style, inspired by a glitchy television screen, that’s evocative of Kyrie’s notorious speed on the court.

THE NEW COMPANY — Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst, Design Director: Will Geddes, Junior Designer: Andreas Pranoto, Junki Hong, Motion: Blake Piyathanapong
Nike — Design Director: Darien Birks, Project Manager: Dina Worley

Early Explorations

Visiting Artist Lecture: Deborah Willis & Bridget Cooks
Poster, 28 × 20 in, Screen Printing

This lecture was for the conversations between a group of artists, Deborah Willis and Bridget R. Cooks, which was what the School of Art calls panel series. Bold typeface was used as a main graphic and the small descriptive letters, which came from artist’s statement and description, were added later. In order to imply two different artists, blue negative spaces were inverted to white.

Collaboration with Yunji Jun

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