— Typeface

A heavy-stylized headline typeface with quirky characters.

— Type Design

Zooba is an Egyptian street food restaurant based in Cairo. A new brand identity was inspired by the beauty of the layered visuals on the streets in Cairo: the hand-painted typography on foul carts, geometric patterned tapes, mix & matched colored tiles, posters, and painted illustrations on walls.

&Walsh — Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh, Strategy: Jessica Walsh, Production: Stephanie Halovanic, Lead Design: Gabriela Namie, Design: Soomin Jung, Elinor O'Brien, Zak Tebbal, Farah Kafei, Copywriting: Stephanie Halovanic, Farah Kafei, Illustration: Zak Tebbal, Aleksandra Apaza, Arabic Calligraphy: Mohamed Mohamed (Zizo), Type Design: Gabriela Namie, Junki Hong, Animation: Jonah Nigro, Danaé Gosset, Photography: Sarah Hopp, Prop Design: Arielle Casale

Zooba — Founder: Chris Khalifa, Creative Director: Adam Mourad, Art Director: Omar Mobarek

Food Photographer: Joe Lingeman, Food Photo Producer: Amelia Katz, Prop & Food Stylist: Beatrice Chastka, Pearl Jones, Mural Painters: Kelly Li, Elizabeth Levy, Timothy Khalifa


— Typeface

Rabbit is made with a motif of a rabbit wearing shoes. This display typeface was designed for headlines.

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— Typeface

This typeface was designed with straight lines and 45 degrees strokes using tapes. It features horizontal and vertical strokes which have the same thickness.

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