Nike Adapt

Nike Adapt wearers love having control at the touch of a button. For their Apple Watch experience, we worked with Nike to deliver control on an exacting new level—bringing precision to that power. Inspired by the way Apple Watch offers information at a glance, we designed for actionability and responsiveness, using precise metrics and measurements to drive the feeling of a more complete control.

Made at Character NY
Creative Director: Virgilio Santos, Manny Dilone, Design Director: Gera Frascaroli, Design: Junki Hong, Joe Wright, Motion: Joe Wright

Theo Her
— Identity, Web

— Flyer, 11 × 17 in, Riso Printing
— Web

FIRE SALE was held by FISK in the summer of 2017. This promotional design was inspired by vernacular sale graphics. Four different flyers were printed by a riso printer. Online promotion using Website and Instagram was also used for the sale.

Made at FISK
Design: Junki Hong, Copy: Abby Morgan, Director: Bijan Berahimi 

KUCD Graduation Exhibition 2014 Promotional Website
— Web

The promotional website design for the 2014 KUCD Gradation Show features animated arrow images to emphasize the directional and dynamic theme. The rainbow hovering effect celebrates diversity.


Konkuk University Communication Design Major
Graduation Show 2014

November 20 → November 25, 2014
Konkuk University Art & Design College B1F → 1F
10:00 am → 6:00 pm

Exhibition Committee
Chair: Yoon Mingoo, Vice Chair: Eom Jeongheon, Management: Lee Nuri, Exhibition Design: Kim Jooyoun, Park Hyohwan, Graphic Design: Kwon Kiyoung, Seong Eonhyeong, Motion Graphics: Lee Kitak, Website Design: Hong Junki, Public Relations: Kim Haerhin, Clerk: Jung Eunmin

FISK Gallery Website
— Web

Made at FISK

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