Hi, there! Junki Hong who is a graphic designer from ︎Seoul, KR is currently working as a designer based in New York. ︎Previously, he worked at 2 × 4 and FISK and received MFA in ︎Graphic Design from ︎California Institute of the Arts and BFA in ︎Visual Communication Design from Konkuk University. ︎Inquiries about freelance work or collaborative projects, feel free to reach out to me through ︎email.

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  • Master of Fine Arts
    Graphic Design
    California Institute of the Arts
    Valencia, CA

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Visual Communication Design
    Konkuk University
    Seoul, KR

  • Designer
    Character NY
    New York, NY

  • Freelance Designer
    Sagmeister & Walsh
    New York, NY

  • Branding Intern
    2 × 4
    New York, NY

  • Graphic Design Intern
    Portland, OR


Identity, Branding

The new identity for COMMON ROOM abstractly conveys the space where perfection and imperfection coexist. The rounded form of the letter O in full or partially omitted symbolizes the people with different personalities working at COMMON ROOM. It also represents the place where people gather and enjoy creative activities.

Works in Progress
CalArts Graphic Design Program Show 2018

Identity, Branding

Tape was used for the exhibition identity to emphasize the concept. Colored typeface shows the exhibition theme in a way that reveals the building process of characters. In the poster, tape was attached on the paper as a backdrop.

Works in Progress
CalArts Graphic Design Program Show 2018—Exhibition

Exhibition, Gallery Graphics

CalArts Graphic Design Program Show 2018
May 5–10, 11am–7pm Daily

MFA Project Manager: Kathy Bates
BFA Project Manager: Kristin Schultz
Branding & Gallery Graphics: Junki Hong
3D Elements: Dameon Waggoner, Gia Ahn
Promotion: Jisoo Han, Marina
Digital Media: Yiyi Shao, Huicheng
*Show Manager & Advisor: Louise Sandhaus



This typeface is made with a motif of a rabbit wearing shoes. It is designed for a title and a subtitle.

Latest update: Jan 28, 2019